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Norville "Shaggy" Rogers

     Shaggy has appeared in every Scooby Doo endeavor from the beginning.  Reprising the role each time is Casey Casem, the famous radio DJ who provides the voice for Scooby's faithful sidekick.  Shaggy and Scooby are the "cowards" in the group, running from ghost, ghouls, and anything scary.  However, they will often face their fears for a world-famous Scooby Snack.  His thin, "shaggy" appearance is just a cover-up for this constantly hungry guy.  If he's ever missing, the first place the Scooby Gang checks is the kitchen!

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Scoobert "Scooby" Doo

     Scooby Doo is the star of the show -- and has every right to be.  Don Messick played the voice of our lovable talking dog with a speech impediment.  Although he's scared of his own shadow, Scooby is the force that holds the gang together, thus, the reason the show is named after him.  His best friend is Shaggy Rogers and the duo lives for Scooby Snacks.  Though he maintains the appearance of a chicken, he is brave at heart -- always there to face his fears and save the day.   

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Velma Dinkley

     Velma is the smartest sleuth in the gang.  She is also the youngest.  Nicole Jaffe brought this character to life in almost all the episodes.  Velma can read any language you throw at her and can put clues together within a thirty minute time slot.  Impressive!  Her only flaw is her ability to lose those pesky glasses at inopportune times.  However, when she's in trouble, the rest of the Scooby Gang is there to back her up.  It is quite doubtful the gang would have solved many mysteries without her, making Velma one of my favorite characters on television.


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Daphne Blake

     Daphne is definitely the "Miss Priss" of the group.  Voiced primarily by Heather North, Daphne managed to catch and by caught by the villains in almost every episode, earning her the nickname of Dangerprone Daphne.  Daphne is credited for giving Mystery Inc. its start by funding the missions.  It is also speculated that Fred and she share a quiet romance during the course of the show -- of course, this is all from the imaginations of  dedicated fans.  Although some viewers can't stand the rich valley girl and others love her, Daphne definitely gave the show certain amount of eloquence that intrigued viewers and kept them glued to the screen.

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Fred Jones

     Freddy was the leader of Mystery Inc. and always had a solution to any problem they encountered.  Frank Welker played the voice of Fred.  Fred is often considered the bravest, (though, I think Velma has more courage than any of them), and can think up a trap to catch the villain by the end of the episode.  Often times, he's the only one you'll ever see driving the Mystery Machine.  It's rumored the Daphne and he have a hidden romance on the show.  Watch and decide for yourself.

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