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This section has nothing right now, but that's where you come in!  Please send me your fanfiction and I'll put it up.  Know of anyone with some excellent fics?  Tell me about them, how to contact them, and I'll see if I can get their work.  Submission guidelines are below.

Fanfiction Submission Guidelines:

  • Must have Scooby related content.

  • Must be a complete story.  No pieces.  (This is to prevent unfinished fics.  Chapters are acceptable but must all be sent together.)

  • Stories must have a rating.  NO STORIES OVER PG-13.

  • Stories must contain a disclaimer.  (Exp: I do not own Scooby and the gang.  They belong to WB and company.  No infringement intended.)

  • Please proofread stories before sending them in.  I have the right to omit or edit any stories that I see fit.  If this occurs, I will notify the author.

  • Please include a simple header when submitting a story.  The header should appear like this:  ( a * denotes required fields)

                             *Author and Email
                              Author's Notes

  • Stories must be submitted in .doc or .txt format.

Send all stories to  Please put fanfiction submission in the subject line.