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Scooby Madlib # 01



A Night with the Scooby Gang
One dark night in you see a van on the side of the road. The door opens and out steps , and he tells you that he and his friends: Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy are lost. You say that you see a up the road and they should follow you there.

They follow you to the and you on the . Slowly, the opens and you walk in.

All of a sudden, a rushes towards you. Daphne screams and jumps into Shaggy's arms. Then, Fred reaches forward and pulls at the and a mask comes off in his hands.

Velma exclaims, " " and you suddenly recognize who the is. It is your best friend, . was just trying to scare you.

With a stupid smile on your face you say, "" and go with , leaving the Gang standing there.

The two of you leave for home and pass the van still sitting on the side of the road. Turning to you, smiles and asks, "So, how was your night?" Sighing, you begin to tell your story.

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